The ONLY Martial Arts School 
In South Jersey Exclusively For Kids
See for yourself why parents - just like you -
are seeing transformations happen in their kids - 
that they would have never imagined possible.
Every quarter students have the opportunity
to test their skills to advance 
to their next belt rank and participate in our 
Quarterly Belt Test & Advancement Ceremony. 
Every parent needs a night out 
and a few hours to themselves 
away from the kids...

With an All Star Parents Night Out - 
we've got you covered! 
3 hours of games, movies, pizza & FUN!

Open to students & non-students.
(Great way to meet new friends!)

Don't Miss It! 
There's always something going on here...
whether it's Buddy Day, 
Bring A Parent To Class Day, Street Clothes Day, Weapons Workshops, Board Breaking Bonanza...
or Crazy Sock Day, 
the kids always have a blast!

As they say...
"There is no party like an All Star Party!" 
Celebrate your child's 
next birthday here at All Star! 

The birthday child even gets to cut the cake 
with a REAL samurai sword!! 

(Not a student? No worries. You don't have to be a student to create memories with us!)
2 Convenient Locations
Select the location you plan to attend
Laurel Springs Location
817 W. Atlantic Ave 
Laurel Springs, NJ 08021
Westmont Location
30 Haddon Avenue
Westmont, N.J. 08108
(856) 240 - 7567
Frequently Asked Questions
What age do you start kids in your program?
We start kids as early as 3 years old. In martial arts, it’s never too late to get started. With that said, those that get started early on, will benefit the most from its life skills.
How does your program help build my child's self-confidence?
Developing “deserved confidence” (which is what you get from us) comes with incremental acts of achievement. Your child’s self-esteem level rises with every new skill he masters and every new belt he earns.
Do I need to sign a contract?
No, not at all. Out policy is simple. No contracts. Cancel anytime. (*At least 48 hours before your next billing is recommended) 
Need to leave us? Click here to fill out our online cancellation form located here:
I have a question, how do I get in touch?
You can either give us a call or contact us by email:
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